Breaking STNY APA News!!!!

Are you a former player thinking about playing in the APA again? Are you a current player thinking, hmm I would like to play another night but I'm just not sure if it's worth it. Well the Southern Tier NY APA is creating a new Division and a new buzz in our league giving both our current and past members something to think about and realize why the APA and our league is one of the best around.
Starting this SPRING, we will be starting our FIRST ever Aloha Divisions. That's right you heard us right. Aloha Divisions. Teams in these Divisions will also have a chance to qualify for a Trip and a tournament in Hawaii which is held ever February. Our first slot would be for the 2016-2017 Hawaii Tournament. Our Nights of Play for our respective Aloha Divisions will be Tuesdays for Broome County and possibly Wednesdays for the Whitney Point Area.! Tuesday or even possibly Thursdays for Auburn County! Wednesdays for Tompkins County and were currently working on the night of play for the Cortland County Area.

The cost of the Aloha Divisions are $55 per night instead of $40 per night. But here is the beauty of it. The Aloha Divisions will be 8 Ball only at this time. While teams in these Divisions have a chance to get qualified for our LTC in Las Vegas Nevada to compete in the NTC. Teams in the Aloha Divisions are also getting qualified for our Aloha NTC and a chance to earn a trip to Hawaii for a fun tournament and great vacation at the same time. So for an extra $3 a night members have the potential to get qualified for 1 major tournament and 1 fun tournament and vacation at the same time. So for members who wanted a reason to come back and for our members who were asking why would we play another night or recruit new members? I think we just gave you a really good reason on why it's the perfect time to start another team, recruit new members or simply come  back up to our constantly growing league.

*To be eligible for the Aloha Divisions. Teams must be comprised of at least 50% new members or at least 50% of the team must be also playing on an active team on an alternate night. Teams cannot drop out of their current Divisions and move over. This is an incentive for members considering playing on an alternate night to sign up, bringing back old members and encouraging members to recruit some new members to our league .This new Division is also based on HAVING a minimum of 16 teams by the end of the spring session from all the combined areas to try and help cover the expense. 

Call Today to Start Your Own Team or Join a Team looking for a new member in our new Aloha Divisions!
Please Email or Call Gregg Cordero at 607-743-7474 with any questions or visit our local site at