Tuesday 26 Without APA Pool Play

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We miss all you guys and we are currently doing weekly Facebook lives to try to keep you guys informed and up to date on the latest APA & League news. We are also trying to entertain you all the best we can. But we've realized that although you guys can see us, we cannot see you all.
So we're going to have a fun contest. On our League Facebook pages under this post, we want each of you to submit a funny picture of yourself in the comments. Whether it's a funny picture of you drinking, playing pool, dancing, singing or whatever else you may have, just drop the pic in the comment section. My son will take a look at the pictures on Thursday to decide the winner from each area that we will announce during our Thirsty Thursday Facebook Live broadcast. The two members who are selected as the winners will earn a free night of play for one of their teams. So, the more members you have from your team to submit a photo, the more chances you have to win!!!!!! We can't wait to see the pics. Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!