Day 33 Without APA Pool Play

Friday, April 17, 2020

We hope you all have been enjoying our Facebook Lives. Yes, I'm sure it may be a bit corny at times but our goal has been and will continue to be to keep things silly and fun just like our league is supposed to be. Fun first. So yes, my grammar may be off, I may slur my words trying to be funny or say things that make absolutely no sense but that's been my point. Since none of us can currently take that one or two shots during a league match that makes our teammates scratch their heads and say.... well that made absolutely no sense. Well, now you guys all have our lives to say. "Huh, well that made absolutely no sense, does he even know what he's saying right now!!" This will keep you guys with good practice for when we get back to playing some pool lol.

With only 2 weeks left in April, we are going to have some serious fun with our next two Facebook Lives. We will have some really nice prizes as well as some pretty funny April fool prizes. So you will have to tune in to have an opportunity to no only possibly win a prize but also enjoy in the fun we have been having. We hope to see you all this coming Thursday Night at 7pm.

As most of you have seen by now. I had gone around this past week dressed up as batman delivering some of the prizes that have been won during our lives while also trying to spread some cheer. My son Camden who I miss terribly put together a little video for everyone to watch to further embarrass me. He did it out of love. We hope you guys enjoy!!